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Sep 21, 2020

Business can be Complicated from AI to AML w/ John Cassara

- BRT S01 EP33 9-20-2020


Guests: Naru, CEO / Founder of Inventives (formerly Aptus AI)


AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Medicine, Bio-Tech, Defense and Beyond


*Naru returned 11/8/20 to further discuss A.I.




Inventives / Aptus AI is a software solutions and artificial intelligence development and consulting firm. They provide aerospace, mechanical, and software engineering services to companies around the world. The Team is strong, and well-rounded consisting of engineers, developers, and physicists that focus on solving problems at the root. They help take ideas or concepts and build prototypes and deployments in very short periods of time with tight budgets while maintaining the best quality and client satisfaction. The main fields of expertise are RPA, Web App Development, Solutions Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Simulation Systems.

Naru has a 2nd company he founded - is the world's first intelligent Business Administrative Operations (BAO) platform. uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically sort, route, index, and backup your incoming emails, attachments, faxes, scans, etc.



Understanding AI on the practical level for the layman

AI in the future – 2021, and 5 years from now

What fields (ie – health) are making biggest advancements in AI

What jobs may be displaced now, and in next 5 – 10 years

AI in software, particularly fraud detection if you can discuss

How algorithms in AI determine what to look for

Discuss the research on robotics and Aptus suite of products – w/ AI



Guest: John Cassara, former Federal Agent


Former Gov't Agent on AML (Anti-Money Laundering), illegal activity by criminals, common forms of AML, and tales from his past working for the US Government, undercover assignments, and giving testimony to Congress.


John's Newest Book:

Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flows: Following the Money and Value Trails is the first book to take a hard look at our anti-money laundering (AML) track record. Written primarily from a law enforcement perspective, the book examines old and new money laundering methodologies. It exposes threats, enablers, and facilitators. Making the case for an AML paradigm shift, the book offers alternative steps forward. Combining facts, straight-forward explanations, case studies, as well as the author's personal experiences, views, and commentary, this book is valuable to the public and private sectors, policy makers, as well as students and concerned citizens.   Now available via Amazon in both print and electronic versions.



John Cassara retired after a 26 year career in the federal government intelligence and law enforcement communities. He is  considered an expert in anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, with  particular expertise in the areas of money laundering in the Middle East and  the growing threat of alternative remittance systems and forms of trade-based  money laundering and value transfer. He invented the concept of international “Trade Transparency Units,” an innovative countermeasure to entrenched forms of  trade-based money laundering and terrorist financing. A large part of his career was spent overseas. He is one of the very few to have been both a clandestine operations officer in the U.S. intelligence community and a Special Agent for the Department of Treasury.

His last position was as a Special Agent detailee to the Department of Treasury’s Office of Terrorism Finance and Financial Intelligence
(TFI). His parent Treasury agency was the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network  (FinCEN), the U.S. Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). He worked at FinCEN from 1996-2002. From 2002-2004, Mr. Cassara was detailed to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Anti-Money Laundering Section to help coordinate U.S. interagency international anti-terrorist finance training and technical assistance efforts

During his law enforcement investigative career, Mr. Cassara conducted a large number of money laundering, fraud, intellectual property
rights, smuggling, and diversion of weapons and high technology investigations in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe for a variety of federal   agencies. While assigned to the Office of the Customs Attaché in Rome, Italy, he directed  the first truly international money laundering task force, called  Operation Primo Passo, (“First Step”). The innovative operation combated Italian/American organized crime by examining the movement of money between the two countries and represented an early use of financial intelligence to proactively initiate investigations. During his customs career, he also served two years as an undercover arms dealer. He began his career with Treasury as a Special Agent  assigned  to the Washington Field Office of the U.S. Secret  Service.

Since his retirement, he has lectured in the United States and around the world on a variety transnational crime issues. He has consulted for government and industry.  He has testified six times before Congressional committees on matters dealing with money laundering, threat finance, and transnational crime.  Mr. Cassara is on the Board of Directors of Global Financial Integrity and the International Coalition Against Illicit Economies.   Mr.. Cassara has authored or co-authored several articles and books, including Hide and Seek, Intelligence, Law Enforcement and the Stalled War on Terrorist Finance (2006 Potomac Books) and On the Trail of Terror Finance - What Intelligence and Law Enforcement Officers Need to Know (2010 Red Cell IG).  In 2013, his first novel was released - Demons of Gadara. Trade-Based Money Laundering: The Next Frontier in International Money Laundering (Wiley) was released followed in 2016 with Trade-Based Money Laundering: The Next Frontier in International Law Enforcement.   Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flows: Following the Money and Value Trails was released in May, 2020. 




Matt had mentioned Ozark.  A few years ago John was interviewed by the Ozark producers for a Netflix show promo.  Here is the link to the 3 minute promo video.  The questions are general in nature and set the stage for what money is and why it is important.



Here is also a link to John Cassara testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee about why money laundering efforts are failing.  The testimony might appeal to a business audience.  Anti-money laundering compliance costs for U.S. and Canadian financial institutions are over $30 billion a year - about 10 x the amount we recover annually from criminals.


Additional Info on John Cassara website w/ articles, etc.: 



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Business Roundtable with Matt Battaglia

The show where EntrepreneursHigh Level Executives, Business Owners, and Investors come to share insight and ideas about the future of businessBRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, and how classic industries are evolving

Common Topics Discussed: Business, Entrepreneurship, Investing, Stocks, Cannabis, Tech, Blockchain / Crypto, Real Estate, Legal, Sales, Charity, and more… 

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