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Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable with Matt Battaglia

The show where Entrepreneurs, High Level Executives, Business Owners, and Investors come to share insight and ideas about the future of business.

BRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, and how classic industries are evolving. We Profile the current Players weekly in an Interview format to give you an inside look, to learn from their own experiences.

Popular Topics Discussed: Business, Entrepreneurship, Investing, Stocks, Cannabis, Tech, Blockchain / Crypto, Real Estate, Legal, & More

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Sep 14, 2022

Management Accelerator w/ Dave Kline

- BRT S03 EP44 (143) 9-11-2022


What We Learned This Week

  • How to Recruit, Manage & Delegate - Need to Set Expectations, the 'How'
  • Find & Hire the Best Minds
  • Vision of the Co. - Remove Friction to Get to the Result Faster


Guest: Dave Kline

Aug 30, 2022

Moneyball, Boiler Room, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Founder

- Business Lessons from the Movies

- BRT S03 EP42 (141) 8-28-2022


What We Learned This Week

  • Business lessons from the Movies – Sales, Leads, Branding, Problem Solving
  • What's the Problem? - from Moneyball
  • Get the Leads - from Glengarry Glen Ross
  • We Don't...

Apr 12, 2022

Buying a Business Requires Due Diligence w/ Elliot Holland

- BRT S03 EP15 (114) 4-10-2022


Things We Learned This Week

  • When Buying a Business – Need Inspection (called due diligence) of the financials to determine what you are buying
  • Quality of Earnings – financial audit of income statements, bank statements,...

Sep 26, 2021

Entrepreneurs Have to Know How to Pivot w/ Allan Draper on Business Consulting

- BRT S02 EP 39 (86) 9-26-21


Things We Learned This Week:

  • Create a Business about Solving a Specific Problem
  • Be Wary of Distractions – aka Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Cash Flow - #1 Reason Why Business Fails in the First 5 Years
  • Art of the...

Jun 28, 2021

Puzzled by Business & Retirement? We Explore Both

- BRT S02 EP26 (73) 6-27-2021


Things We Learned This Week

  • Completing the Puzzle is going to be the Netflix of Puzzles, where you can order different puzzles monthly on subscription
  • Background in Software & Marketing - what to build and how to build a product people...