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AZ Tech Roundtable 2.0

AZ Tech Roundtable 2.0 with Matt Battaglia

The show where EntrepreneursTop Executives, Founders, and Investors come to share insights about the future of business


AZ TRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, & how classic industries are evolving

Common Topics Discussed: Startups, Founders, Funds & Venture Capital, Business, Entrepreneurship, Biotech, Blockchain / Crypto, Executive Comp, Investing, Stocks, Real Estate + Alternative Investments, and more… 


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Nov 30, 2023

Best of Investing 2023

AZ TRT S04 EP47 (210) 11-26-2023


What We Learned This Week:


Drew Niv on markets, Risk & Oil


Denver Nowicz of Wealth for Life on Taxes


Steve Zabilski of Piper Trust on Non Profits


Greg Talcott of Caliber Funds on Real Estate Investing & Opportunity Zones


Bryan McLaren of Zoned Properties on Specialized Cannabis Real Estate


Bob DeLean of Arizona Tech Investors & valuations


Rohan on Tech Stocks and careers




Seg. 1 – Clips From:


Assets, Interest Rates & Bubbles - Market Recap for 2022 w/ Drew Niv

BRT S04 EP02 (164) 1-8-2023

What We Learned This Week

  • Assets – Valuations have gone down, forces Investors to evaluate the worth of an Asset, Risk / Reward analysis, no more ‘free’ money
  • Interest Rates – Don’t Fight The Fed, raising rates to lower value of assets
  • Market Risk – can get Treasury Bills at 4 – 5%, risk-free, need good ROI to invest in stocks with 10 – 20% downside risk
  • Oil Commodities – demand is up, supply is down, Gov’t will keep the price of oil at $70 / barrel
  • Bubbles / Crypto – does not have good utility, market has collapsed, Bitcoin & Ethereum will survive, has use, plus the Black Market


Guest: Drew Niv, Trader Tools & former Forex Trader


Drew Niv had a 20 year career in trading and FX (currency) markets. He founded one of the largest Forex trading companies on Wall Street, took it public (IPO), managed hundreds of staff, and oversaw $ billions in daily trading.

Currently he runs a bank software company called Trader Tools, that specializes in FX markets. -

Drew Niv is a Strategic, Technology Savvy, and Detail-Oriented Board Member and Global Business Executive with a history of award-winning performance as a visionary leader. Founded company that disrupted the FX industry, resulted in retail FX becoming a major factor of the global FX market.

Developed breakthrough technology that enabled customers to transact spot FX at 70–90% less cost than the largest exchanges and ECNs. He has forged strategic partnerships with 1,000 institutional customers, including major hedge funds, all large banks, and other brand name financial institutions, both domestically and globally.

Drew possess a unique understanding of market microstructure - the inner plumbing of trade matching, how technology intersects with business, and how to grow a business from a small startup through an IPO. Well versed in managing through a crisis and positioning a mature business to meet the unique challenges of a shrinking industry. Experienced in software product development; able to design and build trading software that people want to use; and experienced in managing a diverse, international workforce remotely.


Full Show: HERE


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Market Cycles, Risk, & Ben Graham’s Intelligent Investor

- Finance Lessons from BRT

BRT S04 EP29 (192) 7-23-2023


What We Learned This Week:

    Mean Reversion & Market Cycles – Asset prices do not go up forever, but rather fluctuate

  • Assets – Valuations have gone down, forces Investors to evaluate the worth of an Asset, Risk / Reward analysis, no more ‘free’ money
  • Interest Rates – Don’t Fight The Fed, raising rates to lower value of assets
  • Market Risk – can get Treasury Bills at 4 – 5%, risk-free, need good ROI to invest in stocks with 10 – 20% downside risk
  • Wealthy own Assets, Business, Real Estate, Stocks are the best and most popular
  • The Intelligent Investor Ben Graham's teaching, and seminal investing book - Ch. 8 on Mr. Market, & Ch. 20 on Margin of Safety



Seg. 2 – Clips From:


Wealth for Life – Own a Business, the Best Asset to Grow Wealth

BRT S04 EP06 (168) 2-5-2023

Things We Learned This Week

•          Wealthy use Different Strategies – how they approach investing, business, opportunities, tax strategy

•          You’re not going to get rich investing in stock, if you have a $50k / year salary, not saving & investing enough $

•          Wealthy own Assets, Business, Real Estate, Stocks

•          Tax Strategy needed when you Earn $250K +, more income, more taxes

•          Loans – using leverage is the key to Tax Free Income – put more $ money into investments

•           Offense / Defense – segment Assets into categories, create income from Assets



Co-Host: Denver NowiczPresident - Wealth For Life 

Denver is an advisor with nearly 20 years experience working with clients in investments and insurance, designing retirement plans with a combo of both. He takes us through different strategies for clients to get the best allocations for their money over the long term. It is the Combo Strategy of both Offense and Defense, the synergy of the mix, not ‘All or Nothing’.


Full Show: HERE


Running a Non-Profit Charity The Piper Trust w/ Steve Zabilski

- BRT S04 EP27 (190) 7-9-2023

What We Learned This Week:

  • Virginia G. Piper Trust - Virginia & husband Bob Galvin (founder Motorola) created in 2000
  • Charity Grants application process
  • Investment to grow Trust Fund of $400m
  • Phx Dream Ctr staff are largely made up of former victims giving back
  • St Vincent helps the Homeless Population In Phx
  • A for Arizona celebrates educators

Guest: Stephen J. Zabilski, President & CEO

As President and CEO, Steve Zabilski leads Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust’s mission to enrich health, well-being, and opportunity for the people of Maricopa County. Steve joins Piper Trust as its fourth CEO after providing more than 17 years of dedicated service as a Trustee and member of the organization’s Investment and Audit Committees.

For the past 25 years, Steve served as CEO of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul—Phoenix Diocesan Council. His decades of private sector experience, coupled with his talent to lead with compassion and humility, continue to make an indelible mark on this community. Steve’s ability to bring people together and catalyze the strengths of thousands of Vincentians, volunteers, employees, and donors significantly advanced the mission and services of St. Vincent de Paul.



Full Show: HERE



Seg. 3 – Clips From:


Investing in Real Estate Opportunity Zones

w/ Greg Talcott of Caliber Funds

AZ TRT S04 EP42 (205) 10-22-2023


What We Learned This Week

  • Caliber Co is an integrated real estate company from service to construction to investment funds
  • The biggest idea in funds right now is Opportunity Zones - investing in below medium income areas
  • Caliber deals can last 5+ years, with an IRR of 17%
  • Caliber has great lenders to get good interest rates, they fund deals 50/50 - loan to equity
  • Location - always looking for great properties w/ community to support biz + other real estate building


Guest: Greg Talcott, Managing Director of Sales



Article on Greg: HERE

Experienced sales executive with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in Securities, Asset Management, Investment Strategies, Equities, Real Estate, and Financial Advisory. Strong media and communications professional, expertise in digital marketing to niche networks such as ultra high net worth individuals. BS focused in Law & Political Science from Arizona State University.

Real Estate Investment Experts


Caliber is a leading vertically integrated asset management firm whose primary goal is to enhance the wealth of investors seeking to make investments in middle-market assets. We strive to build wealth for our investor clients by creating, managing, and servicing proprietary products, including middle-market investment funds, private syndications, and direct investments. Our funds include investment vehicles focused primarily on real estate, private equity, and debt facilities. We market our services through direct sales to private investors, wholesaling to investment advisers, direct sales to family offices and institutions, and through in-house client services. Caliber’s middle-market specialty allows the Company to compete with agility and speed in an evolving arena of alternative investments.


Full Show: HERE




Specialty Cannabis & Prop Tech Real Estate Services w/ Bryan McLaren of Zoned Properties

- BRT S04 EP22 (185) 6-4-2023  


What We Learned This Week

  • Zoned Properties specializes in Cannabis related Real Estate
  • There is High consumer demand for cannabis, it exists already, do not need to create it
  • Cannabis dispensaries are in the retail asset class of real estate. Also called - Direct to Consumer real estate.
  • Many of the past myths & propaganda about Cannabis on crime and other societal issues were wrong. Property values never went down.
  • Cannabis is a $50-$70 billion projected sales industry, w/ a $200 billion Economic Impact
  • Zoned Properties Tech Division and SaaS software may be the biggest part of the company in the future 


Guest: Bryan McLaren, Chairman & CEO of Zoned Properties


Bryan McLaren is Chairman and CEO of publicly traded Zoned Properties (ZDPY). As a certified and licensed realtor, Green Roof Professional,  LEED Green Associate, and former City Sustainability Commissioner, Bryan has navigated state regulatory programs for cannabis commercial real estate in over ten markets for over 100 development projects. 

Zoned Properties®, Inc. (OTCQB: ZDPY), a strategic real estate development firm whose primary mission is to provide real estate and sustainability services for the regulated cannabis industry, positioning the company for property acquisitions and revenue growth. They recently announced the market launch of its partnership with dispensary retail franchisor (The Open Dør). Zoned Properties invests in OpenDor with franchise model in cannabis using inspiration from McDonald’s as an example & model.


Full Show: HERE



Seg. 4 – Clips From:


Arizona Tech Investors

w/ Bob DeLean

AZ TRT S04 EP46 (209) 11-19-2023


What We Learned This Week

  • ATI - Arizona-based investors committed to supporting capital needs of early stage high growth technology driven companies within Arizona
  • Applicants for Funding need to Answer many Q’s
  • What Problem does your Product Solve? Who is your Competition? How Big is the Market? Who are Your Advisors? What is the Business Plan? Sales Plan?
  • Building a Company takes longer than you think, & costs more $ than you expect


Guest: Bob DeLean, Executive Director of Arizona Tech Investors


Bob DeLean has been an investor with ATI for more than 11 years and currently serves as the organization’s Chairman. He spent eight years as a Senior Equity Analyst with Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc., a wealth management and capital market firm. It’s now part of Raymond James Financial Inc. Since moving back to Arizona in 2004, Bob has made 28 angel investments in early-stage and startup companies, the majority being based in Arizona. Bob is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys road trips and spending time in nature.

Full Show: HERE



The Brains of the Tech Industry - Semiconductors w/ Rohan

AZ TRT S04 EP40 (203) 10-8-2023


Things We Learned This Week

  • Semiconductors (Microchips) are in so many of the common everyday devices people use: cell-phones, tablets, laptops, cars, TVs, fridge, etc
  • Valuation of Pay in Tech Jobs - combo of salary, bonus, benefits, stock options & growth potential
  • Carbon Neutral is the eco-goal of many tech co’s & Gov’t by 2050, will require R&D, new materials
  • Tech Talk & the Future.... AI, Turing Test, Recommendation Model, Moore’s Law, & more


Full Show: HERE




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‘Best Of’ Topic:



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AZ Tech Roundtable 2.0 with Matt Battaglia

The show where EntrepreneursTop Executives, Founders, and Investors come to share insights about the future of business

AZ TRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, & how classic industries are evolving

Common Topics Discussed: Startups, Founders, Funds & Venture Capital, Business, Entrepreneurship, Biotech, Blockchain / Crypto, Executive Comp, Investing, Stocks, Real Estate + Alternative Investments, and more… 


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