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Dec 20, 2022

What is the Future of Solar Energy w/ Erica Brinker of Array Technologies

- BRT S03 EP62 (161) 12-18-2022


What We Learned This Week

  • Array Technologies is a global leader advancing the future of clean energy. With over 30 years of innovations that have powered the solar industry
  • Main product is a solar tracker, part on a solar panel, allows the panel to move with the angle of the sun
  • They are a utility scale company, with bigger clients that are connected to the power grid using solar farms
  • Array technologies puts the ‘Big E’ in ESG, as they are a manufacturer of an environmental product.
  • Inflation Reduction Act gives 10 year tax credits for renewable energy, modern day gold rush for long term investment





Guest: Erica Brinker, Chief Commercial Officer, Array Technologies


Erica Brinker

Chief Commercial Officer

A technology and data-driven executive with over 20 years of diverse marketing, brand management, corporate communications and business development experience, Brinker joins Array from Honeywell International, where she served most recently as CMO, Vice President Marketing & Sales Excellence. Brinker also led business development for the Services, Software and Connectivity business of Honeywell Aerospace. Prior to joining Honeywell in 2011, Brinker held various leadership roles within software, technology, industrial, healthcare, aerospace, retail and hospitality companies with brands including Polo Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Company and Kate Spade. Brinker earned a Bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and earned her MBA in International Business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

Who We Are

Array Technologies is a global leader advancing the future of clean energy. With over 30 years of innovations that have powered the solar industry, Array is uniquely positioned to deliver renewable energy solutions for customers seeking clean energy adoption in markets around the globe. While our strength lies in building the world’s most reliable and efficient utility-scale solar trackers, our expertise, capabilities, and resources position us to extend into additional renewable energy solutions. As pioneers, innovators, and visionaries, we are committed to generating energy with integrity for a sustainable world.





Seg 1

Recap Clips on Clean Energy in AZ from:

Clean Energy & the State of AZ Tech in 2022 w/ Steve Zylstra of the AZ Tech Council


Guest: Steve Zylstra, President / CEO AZ Tech Council


Steve Zylstra of AZ Tech Council joins BRT to talk all things technology in the Valley. The Arizona Technology Council is one of the largest technology-driven trade associations in North America, with over 850 members and growing, the only organization specifically serving technology companies statewide. They protect innovators and truly believe that technology moves all of us forward; and are dedicated to the future of Arizona.

  • Chips & Science Act is good for Semiconductors & the U.S. Supply Chain
  • Clean Energy - many Tech Co's working on zero emission plan
  • Semiconductor – big Tech Co’s building plants in AZ
  • Nuclear Power tech is vastly improved & viable in the future

Full Show: HERE


Seg 2

Array Technologies main product is a solar tracker, part on a solar panel, allows the panel to move with the angle of the sun

The trend in building solar panels is to go with a larger, kind of a giant panel and like wind bi-facial to keep up with where the sun is

Typical solar panel is made with silicon wafer technology, and usually made in China.

The company is a domestic US Corp. with offices worldwide, and they use new technology, not silicon away for tech. Their clients range from the US to Europe to Australia Africa and Canada

Array Technology is module agnostic, their solar tracker can go on any solar panel

They are a utility scale company, with bigger clients that are connected to the power grid using solar farms. The power grid in Phoenix Arizona uses very little solar or renewable energy, just 4%. Array Tech works with both APS and SRP

Solar growth rate is 194% over last 5 years

Array tech moving into an area of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. They are a 30 year old company which went public in October 2020.

The overall projected goal for the US by 2040 is to have 40% from solar or renewable energy. Another goal is to have no carbon by 2035.

Growth and solar for Array Technologies is 160% organic growth year over a year. Lots of commercial construction and solar.


Seg 3

The Inflation Reduction Act Bill of 2022, or IRA is a 750 page bill with large parts for renewable energy on a ten-year runway.

The Inflation Reduction Act is the single most significant legislation to combat climate change in our nation's history, investing a total of $369 billion to help build a clean energy economy.Nov 29, 2022


The long-term tax credits are very valuable for business investment. Previous government bills tax credits that were short term, 2 to 3 years.

Government is looking for mass adoption of renewable energy to make energy clean and in our control.

Currently in renewable energy, Europe is #1 and the US is #2.

It’s a long-term 10 to 20 year process to ramp down from fossil fuels while also building the needed infrastructure.

Renewable Energy makes sense in different parts of the world. For example on the East Coast of the US wind can be very usable for energy, and on the West Coast solar can be of great benefit.

Also over the long term both nuclear and hydrogen energy sources can be part of the solution.

Battery storage is one of the biggest challenges in renewable energy and solar. The analogy is like the PC processing power of 20 years ago, where it was small slow and inefficient. Battery storage will be a lot better in five and even 10 years.

RE+ is a solar tradeshow, & this past year batteries were one of the hot commodity topics.

Battery power and technology is critical for the utility and power grid to build infrastructure. The permitting rules need to improve to lessen the regulation process for building out that infrastructure.

Wind, EVs and natural gas plus solar tax credits is all part of the solution.

The government also has an advanced manufacturing tax credit to have company is Bill domestic with also supplies made in the USA.

Long-term investment in the energy plan with the government help and government as a customer


Seg 4

E.S.G. investing band is gaining headwind with venture capital and private equity money going towards renewable energy projects. Per Erica this is the modern day gold rush in a very good long-term investing bet.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

Array Technologies puts the ‘Big E’ in ESG, as they are a manufacturer of an environmental product.

E.S.G. simply ask companies to measure and improve on their environmental footprint, while also showing transparency.

There is a new supplier code of conduct, where our business customers would prefer you to not use old energy sources to create the product. The idea of being to move towards new energy sources, not perfection but progress.

Also being studied is how to build better solar farms and reduce their impact on the land in an environmental manner. Companies do not want to disrupt the land or heard it long-term. And ongoing issue currently is finding labor to build solar farms. Companies like Omni Track use topography for best use of the land.

Farmers who build solar farms can engage in dual purpose of their land as the solar farms can shade livestock and crops. Other areas you will see solar farms built will be parking lots, commercial buildings, residential or apartment buildings. Engineers can determine best sourcing use for solar panels.

Lightsource bp is a clean energy company -

Solar Farms in Wisconsin -






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