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AZ TRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, & how classic industries are evolving

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May 20, 2024


How Big Tech Co’s Make Money - Magnificent 7 - MSFT, FB, NVDA, Apple, Google, Amzn, Tesla

AZ TRT S05 EP19 (234) 5-12-2024 


What We Learned This Week:

  • Tech Stocks - 7 Big Market Cap Stocks make up 29% of S&P
  • Google, Microsoft & Amazon are biggest Co‘s in Cloud Service
  • Tesla is the biggest EV Car Co,, & Apple biggest in Smart Phones
  • Nvidia is the AI Superchip tech company
  • Google & Meta / FB are the biggest advertising co‘s in the world





Breakdown of Revenue Sources, Market Cap / CEO / Start


Google / Alphabet  – ads / search, playstore, hardware, services, YouTube premium content + TV, cloud

Microsoft – gaming, services, software, devices, cloud

Apple – devices, services, apps

Nvidia – AI Chips, Graphic Cards, & components

Tesla – EV Cars

Amazon – E Commerce, cloud, services

Meta / Facebook – ads, devices




Big drops in two of the Magnificent Seven stocks haven't dented the group's influence on the S&P 500. In fact, the trendy stocks dominate now more than ever.

The seven megacap stocks — Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), Nvidia (NVDA), Alphabet (GOOG), (AMZN), Meta (META) and Tesla (TSLA) account for 29.7% of the S&P 500 as of April 17, says Datatrek Research. That's up from the group's 27.9% weight in the S&P 500 in 2023.

Seeing the group's hold over the world's most popular index grow this year might surprise you. Shares of Tesla are down 37.4%.

"Despite all the buzz around the death of the 'Magnificent 7,' U.S. big tech is actually a more dominant force in American stock markets than at the end of 2023," said Nicholas Colas of Datatrek in a report.


Source:4/2024 -





CEO Sundar Pinchai

c 1998 Sergey Brin and Larry Page

Mkt Cap $2.1 Tr



Google / Alphabet  – ads / search 56% of rev at $175 bil in 2023, playstore, hardware, services, YouTube premium content + TV, cloud 11% of rev at $31 bil


Google revenue breakdown: top Google revenue sources in 2023

  • Ads

·         Ads (Google Search & other properties): $175.03 billion (56.9%)

·         YouTube ads: $31.51 billion (10.3%)

·         Google Network ads: $31.31 billion (10.2%)

  • Google subscriptions, platforms, and devices: $34.69 billion (11.3%)
  • Google Cloud: $33.09 billion (10.8%)
  • Other bets: $1.53 billion (0.5%)
  • Hedging gains: $236 million (0.1%)





  • Alphabet is a collection of different companies, including the popular search engine Google.
  • The company leverages its search, web browsing, mobile operating systems, and cloud computing to make money through the sale of advertising and various service fees.
  • Advertising generates the majority of revenue, but Google Cloud revenues are growing rapidly.
  • The company has three reportable segments: Google Services, Google Cloud, and Other Bets.
  • Google Services is the most profitable while Google Cloud and Other Bets often post operating losses.




Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

C 1975 Bill Gates / Paul Allen

Mkt Cap 3.1 tr



  • Microsoft sells computing devices, cloud systems and services, software, and other products to consumers and businesses.
  • The company's Intelligent Cloud segment is the largest source of profit, as well as the fastest-growing.
  • Microsoft is focused on delivering AI solutions to customers in a broad swath of industries.
  • Some of its many competitors include Apple, Amazon, Meta, Alphabet, Oracle, and IBM.
  • Microsoft's current CEO is Satya Nadella.






First thing’s first and just before we dive into the financial story, we should identify the major sources of revenue Microsoft has: 

·         Cloud computing - The entire business suite of Microsoft is focused on cloud services. Microsoft Azure for example is the leading direction in the company’s cloud services. But, things are more complicated

·         Windows OS - from Windows 95 till 10th version is only 15 years. And in May 2021 with the 21H1 update rumors are saying that the next thing that will happen in Autumn 2021 is the release of Windows 11. It was and continues to be one of the largest sources of revenue for Microsoft. 

·         Microsoft Teams - An alternative to Slack, some would say, but Microsoft is putting more than just a comfortable chat for users. It is designed to become a digital environment for companies and employees of any company in the world. 

·         Xbox - the gaming industry is growing, and Microsoft couldn’t stay apart from this topic. Sony needed competition and Xbox is the best possible alternative to it at the moment

·         LinkedIn - Since 2016 when Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, the professional social network continued to grow and became a unique and indispensable tool for HR professionals all over the world. 

·         Minecraft - as if Xbox was not enough, Microsoft dive into the gaming industry even more with Minecraft. 

So, there is a good portfolio for Microsoft which in its turn provides a series of exclusive services, or competitive

Microsoft Azure is a top cloud service provider competing with Google Cloud and AWS from Amazon.


Revenue of Microsoft broken down by segment 2012-2023

Lionel Sujay Vailshery,

 In its 2023 financial year, Microsoft generated 69 billion U.S. dollars from its productivity and business processes segment and a further 88 billion through its intelligent cloud segment. Thanks in part to the rapid growth in these two areas, 2023 proved to be the company’s most successful year ever in terms of annual revenue, with the total figure reaching over 211 billion dollars.




Microsoft’s Most Lucrative Business Segments

In 2023, Microsoft revenues soared to a record $211 billion as demand for AI services accelerated.

As one of the world’s largest companies by market cap, Microsoft reached a $2.8 trillion valuation as investors flocked to big tech and AI-related stocks last year. Amid strong growth, here’s how much revenue was generated from Microsoft’s product lines in 2023:

Product LIne

FY2023 Revenue

Share of Revenue

Cloud Computing Services



Cloud Office Suite Software



Operating Systems



Gaming Consoles



Employment Listing Platform



AI-Enabled Search Engine






Total Revenue






Microsoft and OpenAI

This agreement follows our previous investments in 2019 and 2021. It extends our ongoing collaboration across AI supercomputing and research and enables each of us to independently commercialize the resulting advanced AI technologies.

·         Supercomputing at scale – Microsoft will increase our investments in the development and deployment of specialized supercomputing systems to accelerate OpenAI’s groundbreaking independent AI research. We will also continue to build out Azure’s leading AI infrastructure to help customers build and deploy their AI applications on a global scale.

·         New AI-powered experiences – Microsoft will deploy OpenAI’s models across our consumer and enterprise products and introduce new categories of digital experiences built on OpenAI’s technology. This includes Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, which empowers developers to build cutting-edge AI applications through direct access to OpenAI models backed by Azure’s trusted, enterprise-grade capabilities and AI-optimized infrastructure and tools.

·         Exclusive cloud provider – As OpenAI’s exclusive cloud provider, Azure will power all OpenAI workloads across research, products and API services.




Meta / FB - Mark Zuckerburg + others c 2/2004

Mkt Cap 1.2 tr




  • Meta Platforms sells ads on social media websites and mobile applications and also sells augmented- and virtual-reality products and services.
  • Advertising sales are the primary source of Meta’s revenue.
  • Facebook reported in 2021 that it lost daily active users for the first time in its history.
  • Reality Labs is Meta's augmented and virtual reality technologies segment, which features and sells products such as the Oculus VR headset.
  • Meta discloses data about the diversity and inclusion of its general management and employees.


Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp

 In 2023, the revenue general by Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook Inc.) amounted to roughly 134 billion US dollars, up from around 116 billion U.S. dollars in the previous fiscal year. In 2022, Meta's revenue stood at 117.9 billion USD.


Meta Revenue Breakdown






Other revenue (payments and fees)



Reality Labs (primarily sales of Oculus, now called Meta Quest)









Apple c 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Woz

CEO Tim Cook

Mkt Cap 2.9 tr


Source: .

Diversified revenue streams: Apple generates revenue from a variety of different sources, including iPhone sales, iPad sales, Mac sales, as well as services like the App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud. This diversification helps to minimise risk and ensure a steady stream of income for the company.




  • Apple sells smartphones, personal computers, tablets, wearables and accessories, as well as a variety of services.
  • iPhones are Apple's biggest source of revenue by product.
  • Apple's services business generates the highest gross margins compared to its products business.
  • Apple faces antitrust challenges regarding its App Store and ongoing unionization attempts by its retail workers.


Apple Revenue














Total 2023 Rev - $382 B




Nvidia  c 1997

CEO Jenson Huang – Hong

Mkt Cap 2.3 Tr





  • Compute and Networking, which includes artificial intelligence (AI), is Nvidia's biggest revenue generator.
  • The graphics business segment is Nvidia's second largest revenue generator.
  • Nvidia (NVDA) introduced graphics processing units, known as GPUs, a key component of PC architecture and large-scale applications.
  • It designs and sells GPUs for gaming, cryptocurrency mining, and professional applications.
  • It also sells chip systems for use in vehicles, robotics, and more.



Revenue $26 bil in 2023, and $60 bil in 2024 so far

Graphics and computers / networking – gaming, data centers



Nvidia partners with all – Google, FB, Amazon, Dell, Tesla, OpenAI, Oracle

Source: .


NVIDIA Blackwell Platform Arrives to Power a New Era of Computing

March 18, 2024

Blackwell Innovations to Fuel Accelerated Computing and Generative AI
Blackwell’s six revolutionary technologies, which together enable AI training and real-time LLM inference for models scaling up to 10 trillion parameters, include:

  1. World’s Most Powerful Chip — Packed with 208 billion transistors, Blackwell-architecture GPUs are manufactured using a custom-built 4NP TSMC process with two-reticle limit GPU dies connected by 10 TB/second chip-to-chip link into a single, unified GPU.
  2. Second-Generation Transformer Engine — Fueled by new micro-tensor scaling support and NVIDIA’s advanced dynamic range management algorithms integrated into NVIDIA TensorRT™-LLM and NeMo Megatron frameworks, Blackwell will support double the compute and model sizes with new 4-bit floating point AI inference capabilities.
  3. Fifth-Generation NVLink — To accelerate performance for multitrillion-parameter and mixture-of-experts AI models, the latest iteration of NVIDIA NVLink® delivers groundbreaking 1.8TB/s bidirectional throughput per GPU, ensuring seamless high-speed communication among up to 576 GPUs for the most complex LLMs.
  4. RAS Engine — Blackwell-powered GPUs include a dedicated engine for reliability, availability and serviceability. Additionally, the Blackwell architecture adds capabilities at the chip level to utilize AI-based preventative maintenance to run diagnostics and forecast reliability issues. This maximizes system uptime and improves resiliency for massive-scale AI deployments to run uninterrupted for weeks or even months at a time and to reduce operating costs.
  5. Secure AI — Advanced confidential computing capabilities protect AI models and customer data without compromising performance, with support for new native interface encryption protocols, which are critical for privacy-sensitive industries like healthcare and financial services.
  6. Decompression Engine — A dedicated decompression engine supports the latest formats, accelerating database queries to deliver the highest performance in data analytics and data science. In the coming years, data processing, on which companies spend tens of billions of dollars annually, will be increasingly GPU-accelerated.


A Massive Superchip
NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip connects two NVIDIA B200 Tensor Core GPUs to the NVIDIA Grace CPU over a 900GB/s ultra-low-power NVLink chip-to-chip interconnect.

For the highest AI performance, GB200-powered systems can be connected with the NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand and Spectrum™-X800 Ethernet platforms, also announced today, which deliver advanced networking at speeds up to 800Gb/s.

The GB200 is a key component of the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72, a multi-node, liquid-cooled, rack-scale system for the most compute-intensive workloads. It combines 36 Grace Blackwell Superchips, which include 72 Blackwell GPUs and 36 Grace CPUs interconnected by fifth-generation NVLink. 



Tesla c 7/2003

CEO Elon Musk

Mkt Cap 567 bil




Revenue Breakdown



Automotive Sales



Regulatory Credits









Energy generation and storage










  • Tesla makes, sells, and services all-electric vehicles in the U.S., Europe, and China. It also sells energy generation products.
  • The company gets the vast majority of its revenue and all of its profits from automotive sales.
  • Tesla is experiencing rapid growth in China.
  • Tesla is facing investigations from regulators in different countries concerning safety-related issues with the electric automaker's vehicles.
  • The company was recently sued by a California regulatory agency on allegations of racial discrimination and harassment at its factory in Fremont, CA.



Amazon c 1994 by Jeff Bezos

CEO Andy Jassy

Mkt Cap 1.9 tr


Amazon Revenue Breakdown - $575 B in 2023

Online stores $231.87B     Physical stores $20.03B    

Third-party seller services $140.05B    Subscription services   $40.21B   

AWS $90.76B    Advertising $46.9B        Other2023   $4.96B





  • Amazon makes money through its retail, subscriptions, and web services, among other channels.
  • Retail remains Amazon’s primary source of revenue, with online and physical stores together accounting for the biggest share.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently generates the majority of Amazon’s operating profits and is growing at a robust pace.




Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security, and enterprise applications: on-demand, available in seconds, with pay-as-you-go pricing.




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AZ Tech Roundtable 2.0 with Matt Battaglia

The show where EntrepreneursTop Executives, Founders, and Investors come to share insights about the future of business

AZ TRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, & how classic industries are evolving

Common Topics Discussed: Startups, Founders, Funds & Venture Capital, Business, Entrepreneurship, Biotech, Blockchain / Crypto, Executive Comp, Investing, Stocks, Real Estate + Alternative Investments, and more… 


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