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Apr 19, 2022

Designing Tech Products w/ David Schie of Linear Dimensions

- BRT S03 EP16 (115) 4-17-2022


Things We Learned This Week

  • Linear Dimensions develops machine learning systems for the fast grow consumer wearables mkt
  • Wearables & health industries growing to $130 by 2030 b/c of advances in AI, Cloud, Chips, AR, VR
  • EEG – headsets and sensors, get feedback to brain
  • Microchip, sensors – built by Linear ie: heart rate monitor, of small size
  • Turnkey Develop – draw up plans, product definitions, prototype, testing, software, manufacturing and ship




Guest: David Schie, Founder / CEO of AI Storm /


David Schie is a tech industry veteran who runs two companies – AI Strom (started 2018), and Linear Dimensions (c 2011) with their HQ in Texas. Prior to staring Linear he worked as a VP at Semtech, and Micrel Semiconductor before that, and worked at Maxim Integrated Products.

Linear Dimensions develops machine learning systems for the fast growing consumer wearables market. Linear is focused on powering and interfacing sensors and microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) for use in industrial, communications, and biotechnology devices. Linear's innovations include flexible analog front ends (AFEs), mixed-signal integrated circuits including ARM based SoCs, and extraction and security algorithms & software.

Linear continues to define the future of the wearables industry, as presented by Linear CEO, David Schie in his keynote speech at CES 2014. Our collaborative industry partners such as BodyMedia/Jawbone, Orbital Research, Freescale Semiconductor, and others, bring next generation solutions to market.

Product examples include physiological and heart rate monitors, head worn wearable devices, ECG and EEG harnesses and bands, and other sensor based products. In addition to customers in consumer fitness tech and digital health, we also support developments for governmental agencies such as NASA, DMEA, Navy, AFRL, and the Air Force. Linear Dimensions is headquartered in Houston, TX.



Founder/inventor – bring ideas and design to Linear

Microchip, sensors – built by Linear

Example: heart rate monitor, of small size

Develop, clinical trials, make products and ship.

Chip design

Turnkey develop – draw up plans, product definitions, prototype, testing, software, manufacturing and ship

Research what if questions, prototypes and test

Has backend delivery and manufacturing in Asia

Engineering only is not profitable

Some requests are difficult, if not possible

Example: glucose or alcohol measurements, heart wave form, blood monitoring, camera on glasses.

Startup raises money, kickstarter and go to Linear Dimensions to design and see if even possible.

Early design always has a budget

Repeat customers – Silicon Co

Big and small companies as clients

Linear has a lot of patents

Big companies can have multiple departments

Products –

Wearables with cameras and sensors

Optimal sensors, shoulder straps, car seats,medical devices, watches – sensors through light, can actually read blood and heart rate

Muscle and eye movements, can combine sensors

Measurements – of glucose, alcohol

Identify people through sensors. Can be in cars, cards.

Keychain data storage

Chips for all of these devices

Fit bit for dogs on harness

Camera with AI – face recognition, security

Security camera / sensors – can differentiate from animals and people.

Monitor people for health reasons, can monitor farms and food growth. Improve pollution, health, society IOT and sensor work will be involved in many things (already being used).

Healthcare – can monitor diseases early and catch more issues early. Non invasive monitoring (with AI) for more data. AI will look for anomalies with edge devices.

Earlier you detect a health issue, save money on health care

Need for more R&D and investment L/T to get prices down.

Glasses – AR / VR, wearable goggles are big now, but features will be added to current glasses

Example: glasses that read to you, monitor your eyes.

IOT devices in cameras, smart city monitors

Occupancy sensors and adjust thermostats

AI been added to cameras

Companies analyze data of how their products are being used.

Clothing form factor

Watches, jewelry, wrist bands

Car sensors – check if people are falling asleep with multiple cameras and sensors.

Edge computing and IOT data – trying to collect less data, just collect end data.



Link to David Schie’s 1st Guest spot on BRT 3/2021: HERE



Guest: Vardhman Sheth, Director of Design Engineering

Linear Dimensions


Vardhman Sheth is the Director of Design Engineering at Linear Dimensions. Linear Dimensions is a product design company that develops custom and semi-custom system solutions for customers, including wearables, healthcare, industrial and medical products.   

Vardhman studied Electrical Engineering at the University of North Texas with a focus on Signal Processing and Control Systems. His initial projects included working at startups as an intern before joining Linear Dimensions. Vardhman’s expertise lies in Hardware Designing, Firmware and Algorithms Development. He has worked on several products currently in the market, either in their prototyping stage or being used in research and development. For his current role, he is involved in the design and management of the company’s various electronic products. In his free time, Vardhman likes to travel and play outdoor sports.



Consumer design products

One stop shop – of customer IP client has an idea for a product. Example: create wearable headset health wear product or finger sensor, forehead chest strap. Specialty in hardware, AI.                                        AP company wants to create a product :

  1. Design document and testing
  2. Prototype
  3. Manufacturing

ETA – could be 6 months to a year or more. Design can go fast  but testing can be open ended and take a year  - depends on how complex design is.

Works in a lab area at Linear Dimensions, then engineers build test prototype hardware boards, then outsource to China factory, then ship back.

No carpet in lab, disturbs electronics. Some chips no short circuit protection, plus grounding precautions – no static.

Wearable and health industries growing to $130 bill industry by 2030 because advancement in AI, Cloud, Chips, AR, VR

Bio signals from pets – with harness and electronics

GPS tracking industry part of more products. People want more info (data) with their health and body, when to hydrate and drink water , reduce stress, feedback

ECG – Electro Cardiogram, body readings.

EEG – headsets and sensors, get feedback to brain. Wearables will be common in everyday use , in health offices  and telemedicine – virtual appointments and telemedicine.

Health monitors, band for wrist. Future patches will give signals to medical providers.

VR – headset, manage body better with headset, not get nauseous, monitor health of a gamer. Bio - feedback.





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The show where EntrepreneursHigh Level Executives, Business Owners, and Investors come to share insight and ideas about the future of businessBRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, and how classic industries are evolving

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