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AZ TRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, & how classic industries are evolving

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Oct 26, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – how the Algorithm Connects Us All

- BRT S02 EP43 (90) 10-24-2021


5 Things We Learned This Week:

  • AI is inter-connected with so many technologies & you use AI often on a daily basis
  • AI is a part of almost all industries from Healthcare, Finance to Defense
  • Human in the Loop - humans will always be needed to Interpret the Data, but AI will assist
  • Software Teams must be managed so the product is integrated properly in the bigger picture
  • Moore’s Law – Each year computing power grows 2x as fast, but cuts the cost in half



Guests: Naru, CEO / Founder of Inventives (formerly Aptus AI)


Naru returns to BRT Show talking tech, software, and AI. His team is always developing new applications with AI in healthcare, finance, biotech, & aerospace. Naru shows how so many technologies are connected and what the future of business looks like.

Inventives is the new company, with the same core technology team, but focusing the business into a venture studio by creating new AI projects for companies not yet using AI. Inventives new projects can become spinoff companies with this new technology. They work with B2B clients and also Investors for these types of companies.

Radiology is a current project to enhance the patient experience using AI – called SKIP. This project is on the Operations side to make the patient process of paperwork, payments, etc. to be automated (& efficient) with AI working with the patient. This will be stand alone, but if adopted by other medical offices over the long term can streamline the healthcare industry.

Naru and his team are working on document management, where their AI program will be able to read documents and determine what the info is. Rising Cloud is another project they are building that manages a company cloud usage to improve costs.

Moore’s Law – Each year computing power grows 2x as fast, but cuts the cost in half

Cloud Computing happens in the cloud and internet for your programming vs Edge Computing that happens right on your phone and does not need to go out to the cloud. Bigger the data request or process determines if Cloud or Edge is the best choice.

People interact with AI (Artificial Intelligence) daily on their phone, email, internet search and beyond. User Agreements in your phone or websites you use say they can take your search data and use it to enhance your experience.

AI Search uses past searches by you, vs what are the popular other searches by other people on the internet. It happens so fast and has the best / popular search options loading before you are even done typing. This is called a Recommendation Engine, just like Netflix or Amazon find shows or products you may like. These recs are similar to what you have watched or bought previously, or in similar genres.

The downside is you may not see different options, just more of the same. AI determines what you see daily on the internet, and can create a silo effect. Inventives uses a common solution, called Human in the Loop to review what the AI is doing. Then the searches or recommendations are reviewed to see how accurate they are.  

Healthcare AI is assisting doctors, and even finding issues that humans have missed in a radiology study. AI has no bias, and does not get tired. The computer can repeat processes and be consistent.

Key technologies of the day are constantly overlapping – AI, Big Data, Cloud, SaaS Software, etc. This tech can work with each other, and new software can build on top of these applications. Open AI created a product with AI that builds AI software.

Naru’s Software Teams  have different backgrounds of math, engineering or physics who are self taught on software and think more about the solution vs thinking in terms of coding. There are small groups of 2 to 4 people in a team with a Solutions Architect running the small team and determining how the software interacts in the bigger picture.

Often some of the best software involved very small teams. Lot of testing and compliance control goes into to creating big software projects that can involve multiple teams. Same issue if building an upgrade to a software that merges with the previous version.


Rewind Clip – Replay of a segment from Naru’s last appearance on BRT in 11/2020

He talks AI and the morality of the technology. How can a programmer control their product, and what it will be used for in the real world. Naru chose the name Aptus because it is Latin for Apt or Appropriate – design products that works for the clients

Chaos Theory / Jurassic Park – Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should

Aptus gets defense contracts as sub-contractor of companies partnered with military. Aptus studies the end applications for what they are requested to build, to determine if they will take the project. Morality is considered, but not always applicable to see where a product may go until it is built.

AI software is programmed to build more software, AI building more AI. Per Naru there are companies trying to develop AI weapons that can kill on their own, and robots being controlled by AI already. Aptus has Liability Insurance to protect their projects.



Inventives / Aptus AI is a software solutions and artificial intelligence development and consulting firm. They provide aerospace, mechanical, and software engineering services to companies around the world. The Team is strong, and well-rounded consisting of engineers, developers, and physicists that focus on solving problems at the root. They help take ideas or concepts and build prototypes and deployments in very short periods of time with tight budgets while maintaining the best quality and client satisfaction. The main fields of expertise are RPA, Web App Development, Solutions Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Simulation Systems.


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The show where EntrepreneursHigh Level Executives, Business Owners, and Investors come to share insight and ideas about the future of businessBRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, and how classic industries are evolving

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